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GlossaryExtract emails from multiple files or folders

Extract emails from multiple files or folders

You have several folders or files containing email addresses and you want to extract to form a unique and unduplicated list?

Email Finder allows you to this very quickly. You just have to select your files and then add to the Email Finder file list by drag then filed you click on the button extract and Email Finder will do the rest.
You can also manage emails found, by domain to ensure that your list contains only valid email addresses.
For example you want to sort all the emails addresses in your list? Nothing is easier after having extract emails Email Finder will suggest a list of corresponding areas in these emails.
You just tick the domain names that you want to remove from the list and all associated e-mail addresses in this area will be automatically removed from the list.
Conversely, if you only want to extract e-mail addresses linked to certain areas, select all fields with the help of the button at the top right of Email Finder and deselect the areas that interest you.
For example you want to retrieve the e-mail addresses gmail.com and free.fr, select all fields and then uncheck gmail.com free.fr then you simply have to save your list.

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