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GlossaryThe importance of communicating with customers

The importance of communicating with customers

Contact potential customers why is it so important and especially by what means

Communicate with customers the internet age, is crucial indeed in 2013 over 70% of consumers have already made a purchase on the internet thus make known its products, brand or just show his presence to keep the ground face to your competitors has become a priority for companies.

Means of communication 2.0

To achieve effective communication is one of the most suitable means to the Internet era to reach as many potential customers is sending e-mails, néamoins sending mass emails is often likened to spam by users has an offer that may be likely to interest them.

The keys of a shipment of successful communication

In order to gain a maximum of success in the implementation of business email writing campaign trying to target the most of their future customers.
Indeed it is shown that sending e relevant interested e-mails over 45% of people who receive them, which usually results in a click on one of the links in the email.

The right tools

There are various tools to manage and send a mailing. Nevertheless effectively manage lists of emails that can sometimes involve thousands of addresses can quickly become unmanageable.
This is why we invented Email Finder.
With Email Finder you can not only retrieve all your Address e-mails from any file such as your database or your customer records, but in addition you can build lists of targeted emails thanks to its sorting function domain of the recovered emails.
Using this type of tool can help you communicate more effectively nearby customers and partners and thus help you to increase your revenue.

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